Focus on the good and the good gets better.

Do you know the BEAUTIFUL thing about gratitude? 🌿

Unlike diet culture it doesn’t try to sell you the narrative that you will be enough WHEN…

It allows you to take back your power and decide that you’re enough NOW!

By adopting an attitude of Gratitude, you have instant access to free cup refills whenever you practice it🥛✨

By appreciating and showing gratitude for everything in my life:

My health 💪🏻
My happiness✨
My friends ❤️
My family 🥰
My relationship💃🕺

I breathe light into them and will them to grow 🌞

& and as they grow, so does my gratitude🌱

& by before I know it my regular attitude of gratitude feeds into my happiness and my happiness feeds right back off of it🌻♻️

✨I don’t have the body beauty standards tell me I need to have but my body is healthy, happy and keeps me alive every day.

✨I don’t have the “girl gang” the films make me feel I should, but my small selection of friends mean the world to me because they help me realise the importance of quality over quantity.

✨My relationship isn’t the Insta perfect relationship that society insists on but it’s real and it’s honest.

✨I’m conditioned to see my family as broken because my parents are no longer together, but instead they’re a healthy reminder to me that settling when you’re not happy is toxic.

✨I’ve made enough mistakes to condem myself to a lifetime of shame but they all taught me lessons that molded me into who I am today.

And that was ALL there for the taking the whole time, I just had to choose to SEE IT❤️✨

Tell me something you’re grateful for on this sunny Saturday and feel it LIGHT UP 😊👇🏻

2 thoughts on “Focus on the good and the good gets better.

  1. Thanks Jordan, brilliant as always

    I’m grateful for this Saturday because:

    1. It’s a beautiful day
    2. I’m alive and relatively healthy
    3. I have most things in my life that I want, not just material things
    4. I have a beautiful great grandson, who makes me laugh a lot, who is always happy, healthy and funny

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