Eating for WELLNESS

I want to share a super simple yet super effective change I made for better mental wellness towards food…

Change your mindset to what you can ADD to your diet instead of what you can TAKE AWAY 🍕🥗

Long term eating habits are far more likely to stick if the aim is BALANCE ⚖️

🌈Restriction often leads to obsession.

🌈Obsession often leads to binging.

🌈Binging often leads to guilt.

🌈Guilt leads to feelings of failure.

🌈Feeling like a failure leads to negative self beliefs.

🌈The higher your self loathing and lower the self belief the more likely you are to jump back into the toxic cycle.

🌈The more you trust in the cycle, the worse your relationship with your body and food.

🌈You decide to start restricting again.


You don’t NEED the cycle, the cycle needs you.

You are NOT the problem, you are a PRODUCT of the problem.

🚫UNSUBSCRIBE from the cycle🚫

Leave a 🖕🏻 below to UNSUBSCRIBE from the cycle!

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