Don’t Deny Your Sadness

Don’t fear sadness 🌧️

Last week I went down a bit of a gloomy rabbit hole & struggled with feeling blue 🕳️

There was no singular or obvious reason for it, I just found myself feeling hyper sensetive and yet numb all at the same time😶⚡

And although I tried to “self-care” my way through it to keep myself from getting completely lost in a black hole, my efforts felt very mechanical and I still kept getting hit with these sudden waves of unhappiness… and they scared me.🌊

They made me realise how rarely I get that low or stray from a happy medium balance and I panicked at the idea something had just suddenly been shot out of whack 📈💔

I decided to listen to a guided mediation that talked me through acknowledging, accepting and letting go of sadness 🧘‍♀️💙

And as soon as I repeated the words to myself I felt instant relief 😢⛅

I realised I had been trying too hard to reject and swallow down the word SADNESS and as a result it was just going round and round within me 🎠 ♻️

I cried, I allowed myself to BE SAD without guilt and instead EMBRACED that I am human and that FEELING is a part of that, until the wave had passed through me✨

And since then I feel like I’ve slowly drifted closer and closer to my usual balanced self again 😊

I just had to remember that happiness would lose it’s meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.


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