Everything Starts with YOU

Life can be a complicated thing.

And trying to make sure all areas of our lives are running smoothly can seem so impossible or overwhelming that we give up trying.

After all of my time on planet earth, 29 years experience of “DOING LIFE” and observing those around me give it their best shot too, I would have had to agree it was impossible too.

However… 😏

After a pretty huge transitional time in my life I decided to stop trying to work it all out and instead, honed in the one thing I knew had been a constant… ME!

I decided I needed to strip back to basics and work on MYSELF.

Getting to know who I really was.

Caring MYSELF through a painful time.

Understanding MY issues in order to understand the issues I had with those around me.

Learning to enjoy MY OWN company so as not to settle for inauthentic relationships.

All different, complex and seemingly overwhelming areas and problems but all had one common thread…


I was forced to recognize that EVERYTHING in my life came back to me.

MY self worth and insecurities that had manifested themselves into all of the things I didn’t like about my life.

Even the parts I could try and blame on others.

It still came back to me, how I viewed myself, what I allowed and how I treated othersnas a result of that.

Suddenly it seemed so simple and getting myself into a better place felt doable for the first time ever.

Kind of like when the Grinch turns that one light bulb and all of the other christmas lights turn on too🎄

WE are that bulb 💡❤️

And if we take the time to make sure it’s shining bright, all of the others will LIGHT accordingly✨

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