You Will Smile Again

You will smile again.

This photo just popped up as I was deciding what to post and it made me smirk.

This was from last Friday and although it was only a week ago a lot has changed since then.

After a few days struggling with a mental funk, we jumped on the train to Epping.

It wasn’t a big fancy day out but it made the world of difference to me.

We had been for walks around our area to tick a box but i was still feeling a little cabin feverish and trapped in my funk.


A change of scenery✨
A toasted sandwich 🥪
Hot chocolate 🍫☕
Sit outside 🍂🍁
A little mooch around M&S ☕🍫

& I felt totally reinvigorated!!!! ❤️😊

I still felt very aware of myself but whilst walking around on our nice little day date, I could feel joy sparking again and since then, have felt better and better and better👌🏻

Can you do something a little different this week to mix things up? 🌪️🌈

Happy Sunday 💛

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