Thank you body


Why you ask? WELL…

It looks after you.

It fights infection.

It warns you when something’s not right.

It’s working constantly to achieve HEALTH and happiness for you.

It speeds signals when you need fuel.

It slows to store fuel when you’re lacking.

It rids of waste without question.

It grows without being asked.

It sheds.

Breathes so you don’t have to think about it.

Beats continuously in the background.

It replenishes and keeps your vitals in check to literally MAINTAIN YOUR LIFE.

Your body does AMAZING things for you every day, it’s doing them RIGHT NOW.

Yet we’re condtioned to aim for goals that usually encourage us to starve it, long for it to be less, to be smaller, restrict and HATE on it.


I get it, we don’t make the societal rules, we’re just products of them.

But can you maybe start today by simply just looking at your body, or placing your hands on it and saying THANK YOU ❤️

Maybe even just leave a ❤️ below as a promise to UNSUBSCRIBE from this toxic habit and be kinder to it from today …

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