Just f***ing eat it


Eating a varied and balanced diet is important.

But don’t get tricked into thinking that means only foods that are deemed “healthy” or “good”.

Nutritious foods should be prioritised but so should your ENJOYMENT.

Food is not just there to serve us in a mechanical and practical way. Stop letting diet culture brainwash you into thinking it is.

If that were the case we wouldn’t have been given taste buds!

You were BORN to ENJOY food, don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of that.

I just polished off a b-e-a-Uuuuuutiful festive afternoon tea as part of a wholesome AF few days away, celebrating life and making memories with friends . 🎄🎅☕

Did I waste my time worrying about how many calories were in it?

Or debate sitting out to opt for a healthier option while everyone else lived in the moment?


What’s the last thing that brought you and your tastebuds joy 😋

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