Self-care is not a TREAT

Stop treating self-care as a TREAT.

It doesn’t need to be a pricey spa break or therapy session.

Try to enjoy in and take the time to care for yourself everyday.


Sure i’m manifesting and visualising a life where investing into my self-care with spa breaks are a monthly thing✨😍👀

But in the meantime, I try to inject my days with wholesome doses of self-care in lots of little ways:

🌈Enjoying my morning coffee
🌳Going outside
✨Moving my body (even just with a walk)
🎧Listening to podcasts
🧽Completing chores
🎶Listening to music
🤡Doing a face or hair mask
🛀Having a bath
🥰Quality time with my loved ones
☕Facetime coffee dates
📺Watching Netflix
♀️Solo sex
🍕Eating my favorite food
🥗Eating nourishung food
😢Having a cleansing cry
😂Having a good laugh
📴Having a phone detox
💃Having a dance
🔥Lighting a candle or insence

And most of these don’t cost a thing…

Just some of your valuable TIME and ATTENTION.

Even if you just choose one and dedicate your complete focus to it and try to be fully present and mindful in the moment.

It can be difficult when you first decide to put such concentrated energy into YOURSELF but I think you’re worth the investment👌🏻

What will you do for YOU today?

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