My name’s Jordan and I’m a Diet-culture Dropout.

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hello! How are we? It’s been a while I know…

Since my last post wonderful stuff has been happening, I dived into the Healthy Happy January commitment, it consumed everything I had to give and i had to just kept rolling with it, which lead to the blog being neglected.

I feel like it’s been pretty clear that since I started this website I’ve gone through somewhat of a transformation mindset wise, and that transformation has been on steroids since lock down but ESPECIALLY since Healthy Happy January.

I absolutely loved trying to convey all that I’ve learnt around Self-Care, Diet-Culture and Feminism over the last few years, how they’re all linked and how the awareness of that has changed my beliefs around “WELL-BEING” in order to help others recognise and understand it for themselves.

In order to merge all of that into the blog instead of feeling like the two are separate, today I’m here to reintroduce myself and all of the awesome stuff I’ve been up to onto .

My names Jordan and I’m a Diet-Culture Dropout, please stick around for the next 30 days and I will tell you why…



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