Diet-Culture Dropout Day 1

Hey there 

Happy Wednesday aka DAY 1 of ditching Diet-Culture for Self-Care! 

Today I want to kick-off by laying the most important part of our SELF-CARING foundation and make it super clear exactly what the purpose of being a Diet-Culture Dropout IS and ISN’T.

As we make our way through the next 30 days this will hopefully serve as your anchor whenever your motivation or focus wobbles (which is human and probably will happen).

We’re here, not just because I had a random pang of inspiration to share all of the Healthy Happy January content with you BUT…to rebel against the system, unsubscribe from old cycles and protect our peace and happiness during the masses of diet-culture fuelled bullshit, that preys on our feelings of worth and tries to convince us we’re not good enough unless we’re trying to make our bodies smaller.

Please also know, I’m well aware even the most determined of us still experience feelings of wanting or lose weight and that’s ok. 

In a society that has conditioned us to value thinness over health, it’s normal and it’s not our fault.

Just FYI THIS ISN’T A 30 DAY CHALLENGE– it is a pressure free zone and I want to avoid anything that may trigger or leave room for feelings of guilt or shame. 

I want this to be something that nourishes your month and mindset, that feels wholesome and comforting as you turn inward and focus on doing it for YOU.

I will be INVITING you to practice self-care daily in a number of ways, from mindfulness exercises, actual exercises, nutrition intentions and yummy old YOU TIME! 

Everything is optional, nothing is mandatory- the main priority and thing I most want you to keep with you throughout is that ACCEPTANCE and HONOURING where you are and how you feel IS self-care in it’s purest form.

If you don’t fancy or manage to accept an invitation, or are having a “bad diet-culture day”, my hope is that instead of berating yourself, you put acceptance to the test and try to adopt the attitude of IT IS WHAT IS IT and trust that you’re where you need to be in that moment. 


Without further ado…

Today I invite you to find a little pocket of time for yourself, to grab a cup of *insert preferred beverage here* (light a candle too if you wanna get really romantic), write down and affirm the below ACKNOWLEDGMENTS out loud.

🌈The first step to caring for myself is ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING.

🌈Unpicking negative internalised beliefs is f*cking HARD, so I will be patient with myself ALWAYS.

🌈Moving my body regularly is important but what’s MOST important is that I ENJOY it.

🌈Eating for wellness means enjoyment too, no food is OFF the menu. *Unless you’re allergic*

🌈My priority is HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

🌈Weight loss does NOT equal health, it just equals weight loss.

🌈Mindfulness is like a muscle and I will be KIND to myself whilst in training.

🌈Filling my own cup first, enables me to better serve those around me.

🌈I trust and honour my feelings.

🌈I am a BAD ASS diet-culture dropout.

I don’t mind when you do this but I recommend you pair it with a daily task like your morning coffee, afternoon walk or evening wind down so to easily make a habit of it.

Oh and ps if you feel a bit silly doing this, don’t worry that’s normal.

However it really is a powerful thing to take something and put it out into the world by saying it out loud or writing it into existence, so I ask you to push through any resistance and see how it feels.

I assure you, it will flow easier day by day.

Now of course you’re all well aware of what an Instagram Junkie I am, so I would love if you could all document your commitments in any way you wish as much as possible this month, including our very own hashtag #dietculturedropout hehe

I hope day 1 found you well and I leave you with all of my love and self-caring energy until tomorrow.



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