Diet-Culture Dropout Day 2

Helloooooo and Happy Thursday,

I hope todays post finds you in good mind and spirit and that if not, you’re able to be gentle on yourself today.

Today I invite you to NOURISH your body as well as your mind and soul by dedicating some time to really concentrate on drinking a nice big glass of water, eating a piece of your favourite fruit alongside the MAIN EVENT- focus on enjoying one of your Christmas gifts you’ve neglected.

Whether it’s a book, a bath bomb, mug, your fave box of chocs, a new pair or walking shoes, a yoga matt or fancy fountain pen- ENJOY the sh*t out of it.

Block out a section of time for yourself today (duration of your choice), grab some fruity formed goodness and treat yourself to some nutrients and unapolagetic YOU TIME.

YOU just doing a little bit of what you WANT to do today and not just the stuff you HAVE to do.

ENJOY and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Ps don’t hold back and get your affirmations on again today too if you can manage it, it’s completely normal if you feel like a fraud to begin with, especially with the weight loss ones but that’s why we’re hitting them hard.

Affirmations are a great way to work on mindset and beliefs.

Jordan ❤✨


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