Diet-Culture Dropout Day 3

Happy Friday DC Dropouts!

I’ve decided that i will be extending MOVEMENT invitations three times a week, enough to keep our bodies active and our mental energy fresh (completely optional and dread free).

I will be keeping it varied and although I know some types of movement may not suit everyone, I encourage you to give them all a go to see if you’re able to get your body moving without that mindset of “THIS IS SUCH A CHORE”. 

Nothing would make me happier than if you were to leave this 30 day commitment having found enjoyable ways to move and connect with your body, that make you feel empowered and invigorated instead of disheartened and exhausted.  

After all, the only way to make a healthy habit of moving regularly is to ensure we’re choosing to do something we actually WANT to bloody do!

So… with that in mind…

TODAY I invite you to plug into our collectively constructed HEALTHY HAPPY AS F*CK playlist! (Currently 2 hours 38 minutes worth of OUR submitted empowering and soul lifting songs)

Set a timer of your choice (I’d suggest a minimum of 10 mins and maximum of 1 hour) 

And DANCE IT OUT! (as much or little as you want)

We tend to forget that tension, stress and stagnant energy not only effects us mentally but also sits in our physical body too and when we hold onto it, that cortisole (stress hormone) can manifest into ACTUAL aches, pains, anxiety and tightness.

Then ironically ALL OF THAT does a nice full circle, affecting our mental health even more (I know…for fuck sake).

This is one of the many reasons that regular movement is so key to nourishing our wellbeing- physically, mentally and spiritually!

Despite diet-culture and the fitness industries best efforts, “movement” aka “fitness” aka “exercise” aka ‘working out” DOES NOT have to be this HIGH INTENSITY, NO PAIN NO GAIN, GO HARD OR GO HOME and lets be honest sometimes TRAUMATISING affair.

Yes there are different TYPES of movement ie resistance training or cardio and endurance but at the end of the day- MOVEMENT IS MOVEMENT and it ALL counts.

Dancing is a perfect example of this, some may not see it as “exercise” because its not considered HARDCORE enough to earn the official TITLE, but it does a great job of getting your heart beating, your blood flowing and is a healthy happy way of shaking out and expending any stagnant energy you may be holding onto… in WHICHEVER way you please, to WHATEVER music you fancy, WHENEVER you bloody well want!

So please do just that, and don’t forget to get your whole body involved if you can, arms up, jiggles and wiggles…salsa vibes if thats what you fancy- go wild.*Head banging and squat heavy moves are encouraged but please take care of the ole knees, neck and blood pressure)*  

As you do so, really try to visualise and THINK about how you’re moving along and getting rid of anything the isn’t serving you, anything that’s weighing heavy on you. Shake every muscle out and release it all. 

And hey if you’re more of a science minded kinda thinker, visualise and imagine encouraging all of that lovely fresh blood to flow to every inch of your body as you stimulate it. 

Lock yourself in a room and go solo or get your loved ones involved. There’s something really f*cking wholesome about getting silly together.

Do it to wake you up, during your lunch break, whilst getting the housework done, waiting for your food to cook, for the bath to run or do it SIMPLY just because you know it’s good for you.

Click the link below for our Healthy Happy AF playlist

Now IF you really really REALLY hate dancing or you feel a thousand miles away from the right mindset for this kind of thing, I hear you. 

Why not go out and walk, jog, run, skip or cycle it out if thats your bag instead. Hopefully listening to everyones favourite empowering and soul watering songs will lift your mood a little too.

ps the songs on the Healthy Happy AF playlist were submitted during Healthy Happy January but please feel free to submit your favourite soul lifting and empowering songs in the comment box below and i will add them too! 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Jordan OUT



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