Diet-Culture Dropout Day 5


It’s Day 5! It’s me! I’m back!

WE’RE back and…it’s MOVEMENT day!

Following the dance session post, this is another perfect example of the kind of movement many underestimate due to it’s zen nature and reputation.

In a fast paced society where “mental health damaging” busyness is championed, this is actually a pretty big challenge for many, so DO NOT underestimate it.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that I don’t think there is a better way to truly reconnect (or at least try to connect) with your body and mind.

Yoga (in my opinion) is the ULTIMATE self-caring gesture, the decision to roll out a red carpet (yoga mat) when its way easier to just carry on with your hectic day and INTENTIONALLY decide that you are about to just sit and BE with yourself.

THAT is wholesome AF…and you don’t have to be “good” at yoga already, you don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to achieve the mind clearing abilities of a monk or nail the Triple Twisted Translucent Unicorn Pretzel pose before you can earn the “yogi badge”.

You literally just have you TURN UP as you are.

Make a date with yourself, press pause on the noise of life around you and focus on yourself for a minute.

“Hey body, I’ve been so distracted DOING LIFE all day that I kind of just forgot about ALLLLLL of the things you’ve been doing for me in the background. Thanks for that! How’re you?”  

“Hi thoughts, yeah… I guess you make a good point YET AGAIN, maybe I should do something about that”. 

I think these are the parts of sitting still that we avoid, we’re scared to stop SHHHing our brain with the distractions of life or we might have to deal with what comes up.

I feel this is why some assume they can’t do yoga “properly” or don’t like it, because they can’t stop their thoughts wandering during the practice.

Now…I want you to imagine I’m Will Smith from Men in Black (Calvin was it?) anyway…I’m standing in front of you and THIS EMAIL symbolises that silver flashy thing that wipes peoples memory.


*I JUST WIPED YOUR MEMORY (more specifically all of the parts holding any false yoga related beliefs mentioned above)*

Hello there, have you ever heard of YOGA?

It’s this really simple but effective self-care practice were you literally just move your body in lovely nourishing ways whilst ACCEPTING your mind is going to wander. 

That’s kind of where the challenge lies, you’re forced to stop and LISTEN to what comes up and that’s really helpful for noticing how you’re feeling and practicing better mindfulness and self awareness. 

You can’t “do it wrong” you just DO IT. 

Some days you can really zone in or out and benefit from that in your practice, others days the things that come up might be so loud that you’re left feeling frustrated and distracted, cheated out of your practice even. 

But in these moments try not to forget why you’re doing it in the first place.

We look to yoga, not just for the physical benefits but to feel grounded mentally… and in order to TRULEY clear our minds- we must first unpack EVERYTHING that’s up there. 

During times that you really struggle to find the positives in these situations maybe even try to adopt the attitude of “at the very least, I did something good for my body and thats enough”.

Always trust that whatever comes up is calling for your attention for a reason. Welcome it and accept it so as not to cheat yourself out of the goodness on offer.

Sounds good right? 

As it happens I actually have an invitation for you.

Today I invite you to treat yourself to a 10 minute SELF-CARE YOGA DATE.

Get into something comfy, grab a mat or blanket, light a candle or an incense if you have the time to take, have a nice drink of water, then enjoy the below video.

Adriene is my fave online yoga teacher, she’s calming, goofy and silly and she’s not sorry. I hope you enjoy her too.

Before you even press play I want you to take a moment to yourself, take a nice long deep breath in and as you breath out slowly, realise what you have just done and THINK TO YOURSELF ”this is me caring for myself and however i feel is a part of that”

Be proud of yourself, because all that matters is that you’re there, you’ve done it.

Notice how you feel before, during and after because it means something.

Lastly I encourage you to finish the practice with a nice audible NAMASTE, don’t be shy andpush past any reserves of awkwardness you feel. 

Do it for yourself as a token of your dedication and commitment to YOU. You’re not like the people who mock yoga because secretly they’re not ready and to scared to slow down and deal with their own emotions, you’re doing the work and that’s badass!!!!!!

OWN YOUR AWESOMENESS and as you say it, in that very moment… KNOW that I SEE YOU TOO and I am SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU!





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