Diet-Culture Dropout Day 6

Hello and Happy Tuesday,

As we start to gain momentum and tick off more and more different, little types of self-loving, I feel like it’s time bring it back to basics and start committing to a few consistences on a daily basis.

More often than not we tend to get overwhelmed by expectations.

Expectations put onto us by ourselves and others, and it can be the same with self-care.

As we get further into the month try not to get sucked into the narrative of “YOU NEED TO KEEP GETTING BETTER AND DOING MORE”.

You’re already DOING. In fact, you know that guilty feeling you start to feel when you worry that you’re neglecting your self-care?

That IS self-care (well actually it’s self-awareness but the two go hand in hand) and that little niggle is literally your body DOING self-care by waving a little red flag at you and saying “Something’s not right, please check all MAIN SERVERS”.

And those main servers feeding data back to your Mother board are the small fundamental acts each day that keep you feeling grounded.

Not the big grand gestures, they’re just fun to investigate when you’re ready to add to your tool belt.

It’s those small, consistent, nourishing little acts that lay your foundation each day and keep your motherboard steady.

And some days steady feels better than on others days but that’s ok, it is what it is, we’re not always in full control of how we feel and react to everything going on inside and around us.

We’re amazingly complex creatures!

But as long as we are doing the work and trying keep on top of our daily check list as best we can, we’re armed with the tools to turn to when we feel those little red flags start flapping.

These are the beautiful basics I want you to come back to any time you forget, doubt or worry that you’ve drifted from yourself.

Just bring it back. Tell all of the other shit to SHUT UP and ask yourself “am I covering the basics?”  

I’ve made you a little “Simple Self-Care” check list and would like to invite you to save or print it off and try to complete it each day until further notice. 

Try not to let this stress you out, just see how you get on and feel about it. 

Use it to investigate and decide what makes YOU tick and feel free to cherry pick and take what you need with you at the end of our time together.

I’m going to update it each week to slowly see if I can help you add little pockets of goodness into your day without it feeling like a big drastic change.

Gently building those daily HEALTHY HAPPY habits…starting today.  

Until tomorrow x





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