Diet-Culture Dropout Day 7

Hello Hellooooooo,

Happy Day 7 aka Movement Day!

Today I invite you to indulge in a little full body resistance training with me.

Romanticise the shit out of it if you need to, make it something to look forward to.

Set your scene as desired. Maybe to the sound of the Healthy Happy AF playlist in the background? Or put on a podcast, audiobook or episode you’ve been wanted to get round to.

Maybe you just want silence after a loud day. Whatever you need- pair them up good!

Warm up and start letting your body know a lil somethin-somethin’ is about to go down, we don’t want it feeling jolted. (Full body warm up video at end of post).

As you do this get your mind connecting with your body and why you’re doing it- to encourage blood flow to your muscles and lubrication to your joints, we’re giving your body some loving because we care about it and we just want to have a nice wholesome dose of stimulation to keep all the cogs well-oiled and turning.

Now at this point, if you’re a seasoned resistance enthusiast, feel free to do your thing, but I ask that you opt for a nice balanced full body workout OR…

Please enjoy this BODY WEIGHT workout (description in caption with video examples however in the video I do the workout as a circuit for a quicker more intense workout and we’re not doing that today).

All that I ask is you take your time focusing on nice controlled reps, don’t rush (it’s not as race) and really THINK about each body part as you do it, mind to muscle connection is key although it can take a while to get the hang of it.

As always mindset is everything so with each exercise think of how you’re moving along stagnant energy by stimulating each part of your body and bringing along fresh new energy with the lovely blood supply that will be encouraged to flow to each muscle group as you MOVE!

Depending on your mood and energy levels go for either 10 or 12 reps of each movement (no rushing remember, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY).

Rest for 60 seconds focusing on nice nourishing recovery breathing and then repeat three times before moving on to the next movement. (I suggest having a clock or timer nearby for keeping track of rest time, don’t use your rest and recovery trying to count yourself).

Once you have completed 3 rounds of every exercise (18 sets total), have a nice big cool down and stretch.

No pressure as always ok, just see how you find this and get back to me (for those of you who might not know I am a qualified Personal Trainer) so I can speak with you directly if you have any issues.

I suggest no shoes for a nice connection to the ground to help with keeping your centre of gravity/balance.

Also keep a nice active core by bracing your abdonanal muslces to procect your spine throughout every movement (you should still be able to breath, don’t hold your breath).

Get in touch with your body and feel empowered by what it does for you and how YOU are giving it a lovely dose of physical self-care.

Until tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨


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