Diet-Culture Dropout Day 8

Happy Saturday Afternoon 🙂

I hope todays email finds you well and rested.

I also hope you managed to get through last week however you needed, finding the time to move however possible and appropriate for YOU and YOUR current situation.

Once again I want to stress how much I don’t want these invitations get on top of or stress you out.

Simply consider the movement emails a reminder to move as you please/need, not as homework or a chore.

That’s not what we’re about around here, we encourage compassion and understanding towards ourselves…as well as OWNING our health and fitness instead of allowing others to make us feel pressured to do anything in any other way than what works for US.

We are all different, different things make us tick and thats a beautiful thing.

That is what we need to own instead of trying to fit into this “ONE WAY FITS ALL” approach to Wellness that Diet-Culture pushes.

We know that doesn’t work- so f*ck that.

Today I invite you to leave a comment BRAGGING about something you did this week to make self-care fit around YOU!

In the same way affirmations work for helping us to dismantle our negative self beliefs, BRAGGING works wonders for helping to empower us and give ourselves permission.

Bragging has a bit of a bad reputation and women especially are made to feel like bragging is unattractive.

But again F*CK THAT.

You’re allowed to be proud of yourself and OWN IT!

My brag of the week is that I allowed myself to slow down as needed during my period and when I didn’t want to do much more than simply exist, I honoured that and did the bare minimum.

By doing so I felt organically ready to finally seize the day today, did some life admin, cleaning the flat a bit and putting a wash on so that I don’t need to keep stealing my partner’s boxers!

Next I’ll take on an actual bath and stepping foot outside again but I’m in no rush that’s for sure.

This productivity was a by-product of me giving myself permission to stop and recharge and I have learnt to start clapping for those little wins now, instead of only clapping once the jobs are done, so YAY me!

What’s your brag?

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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