Diet-Culture Dropout Day 9

Happy Wednesday Bebe!

Let’s talk nutrition aka food aka DIET (which literally means “the food you eat” not “restrict” which is what it seems to have been associated with thanks to …you guessed it…DIET-CULTURE)

I’m going to do another MEN IN BLACK here and ask you to ZAP away any restricting language you have attached to the word diet and override it.

Although we want to discourage diet-culture and the language that comes along with it we always want to encourage a balanced, varied and nutrient DIET.

I ask you to simply try to adopt the thinking of…

Food is my friend, food is fuel and food = energy and joy. It’s important that in order to achieve a healthy happy relationship with food that we are able to accept it for ALL that it does.

It’s crucial that we understand food provides us with energy and we need to eat enough of all of the main requirements…BUT not to get too stuck in a BUSINESS mindset towards food and remember that it’s for pleasure and NOURISHMENT too.

Some foods are higher in nutrients and others are lower but there is no GOOD or BAD because labelling foods good or bad, naughty or clean, cheats or treats is damaging and can contribute to an unhealthy relationship with food.

It’s not easy to retrain our minds around food, as diet-culture is ALL OVER THE PLACE but we’re here to rebel against the system remember… and challenge ourselves to do the work and free our minds from that toxic prison.

We need to eat a balanced diet for many reasons but in a nutshell- for optimal physical and mental health and wellbeing.
Aiming to consume a source of PROTEIN, FAT, CARBS and FRUIT and/or VEG at each meal is the best place to start.

As well as familiarising yourself with which foods offers each of these to you of course.
Before I give you a quick list of each I would like you to keep in mind that no food is made up purely of one macro or micro nutrient (sciencey name for protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals).

MACROnutrient are the bigger food types so- PROTEIN, FAT, CARBOHYDRATES and MICROnutrients are the smaller types so- VITAMINS and MINERALS etc.

Foods contain bits of everything although some are higher in others so always try to keep that in mind as not to get too fixated on seeing food too ridgidly as one thing.

We’ll come back to this but yeah…just wanted to get that in there before I go into lists, as some foods show up on more than one list because they bring multiple nutrients to the table and it’s important to understand that.

Sources of protein include:-Meat, Fish, Beans and legumes. Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Tofu, Nuts and nut butter and Seeds.

Sources of fat include:-Dairy (whole yogurt, butter, cream, milk and cheese), Nuts and nut butters, Olives and oils, Oily fish, Egg (yolk), Seeds, Avocado, Meats with a higher fat content (pork, lamb, beef etc).

*Most processed foods can be high in fat ie chocolates, crisps, muffins, biscuits, cakes, fast food etc (but as mentioned earlier they also contain other stuff too, not just one*

Sources of carbs:-Potatoes, Bread, Rice and grains, Pasta, Beans and pulses. pretty much anything containing sugar ie sweets, chocolate, biscuits cereal, crisps, fizzy drinks, alcohol (as carbohydrates break down into glucose aka sugar to provide us with energy, Fruit and vegetables (as they contain natural sugars, they are lower in carb content but still provide carbs never the less)

*ps we like sugar, we NEED sugar.*

Sources of vitamins and minerals: Fruit, Vegetables, Seeds (Pretty much all foods provide us with different vitamins and minerals but fruit and veg are champions for providing us with both high amounts of nutrients and fibre so they are what I would like to you focus on.

*Also another reason why practising a balanced diet is important is because this will ensure we are getting our vits and mins aka micronutrients in from all over the place, LOOVLEH JOOBLEH!)*

Ok that’s enough nutrient talk for one day.

Today I would like to invite you to plan and eat a lovely balanced dinner ticking off: PROTEIN, FAT, CARBS and FRUIT/VEG if you can.

If you receive this late in the day maybe just pay attention to your next meal and see if it’s providing you with a balance of each.

Awareness and knowledge of our nutrition is everything after all, as it can shield us from diet-cultures attempts to make us second guess ourselves!


Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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