Diet-Culture Dropout Day 10

Happy Day 10 you deeeeelicious dropout!

It’s MOVEMENT day so let’s get to it shall we?

I would like to invite you to OWN YOUR MOVEMENT by moving your body in which ever way works for you today.

Firstly take a moment to ground yourself, ready for the day/week ahead.

Nourishingly drink some water to get your internal boats floating, have a balanced breakfast to set your digestive system and energy levels up for the day and do your affirmations…you’ve got this.

Then whenever it feels good, in which ever way you enjoy, care for your body and brain by expending some energy physically and welcome a brand new dose of empowerment and endorphins into your day.

I’m in the office today and I plan on getting home and having a little weight training resistance date with myself later on, but…

If for whatever reason I get home and I don’t feel like it I will change it up however I please…because I’ve taken the power back and owned my fitness!

You can walk, run, cycle, dance, skip, horse ride, weight train, yoga, garden, clean, declutter, hoola-hoop or star jump for all I care.

As long as you do (or don’t do) it for YOU and not as a result of the pressures of diet-culture…you win.

Until tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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