Diet-Culture Dropout Day 11

Happy “Healthy Happy” Monday,

I hope this email finds you ok and if not ok then at least WELL.

I’ve recently been appreciating the novelty of just BEING…

No music, no phone, no tv…just me, my morning coffee, sitting and staring.

When do we ever really have or take the time to just sit and BE?

Not much… just like I was saying the other day in regards to yoga, it either doesn’t enter our mind as we go about our day in autopilot- on the go or consuming the constant stream of the information at our fingertips.

Or we know exactly why we don’t want to stop, so we avoid avoid avoid.

Really it’s all the same isn’t it?

Meditation, yoga, sitting and staring, just acknowledging how you feel…it’s being still enough to give our own thoughts a chance to say hello.

Sometimes it not easy and other time it feels really quite relieving.

So today I invite you to find 5 minutes to sit and stare

Use it as an opportunity to tick of some of your self-care basics if you haven’t done so yet.

Drink some water, get comfy, take your 3 deep mindful breaths, set a 5 minute timer and just BE (whatever that means for you) until that timer goes off.

Notice how you feel, does it feel like a welcome moment in time for you, do you feel impatient and irritable as you have to keep resisting the urge to check your phone?

Don’t over think it, make and hold space for everything that needs to come up and don’t get too caught up in whatever turns up.

We don’t judge, we simply acknowledge it and then we let it float back out again, just as it floated in.

A succesful mindful moment doesn’t always look like rainbows and calm clouds.

Some days it’s resentment for your mother-inlaw, intrusive thoughts, jealously and paranoia.

Either way please remember there is no right or wrong way to think, this is self prescribed self awareness and IT’S ALL GOOD.

We’re still DOING it and thats what matters.

Finish by writing out (or replying to this email in the comment section with) 3 things weighing on you and 3 things you’re grateful for today.

Pause for a moment before you log back into life and realise what you just did for yourself, even if it’s only a gentle one…smile and invite the chemical release of happy endorphins connected to the very muscles required.


Until tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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