Diet-Culture Dropout Day 12

Hay there,

It’s currently 8:46 and I’m still sat in the same place with the same cup of coffee as when I had my intentional sit and stare this morning.

I have the Healthy Happy As F*ck playlist on in the background and I’m proud of myself for gently waking myself up successfully in a comforting way, after my unwelcome alarm.

None of that really needed to be said but I wanted to because I feel pretty good sat here emailing you before I proceed to log into my work computer and spend a big chunk of the day doing something I’m not passionate about.

As I sit here I’m thankful for THIS opportunity to touch base and do something that waters my soul each day and… I wonder what each of your mornings look like too and I hope you’re ok and if not that these emails at least bring you the smallest drop of comfort.

Not every day is a good day but when it is I recognise and savour it as best I can, coz that’s the good shit that life is all about 🙂

Please always remember that if you need to you may use the comments or contact page as a morning brain dump or outlet if needed. I know how much it can help.

Bringing me on nicely to another thing that can help…MOVEMENT!

It’s movement day so as always I would like to invite you to move today in whichever way feels appropriate.

I’m going to leave another Instagram workout below if you so wish to enjoy that but as always YOU DO YOU.
Walk, run, swim, skip, dance, bike, cleaning, gardening, or go back to last week instagram video (I will leave that link too)…you know the drill.

Alternatively invoke your absolute right in telling me to bugger off if THAT is what suits you best today, because neither me or anyone else should be telling you where you SHOULD be putting your energy today.

YOU hold that power.

Last weeks work out:

New workout:

(Circuit style or as a straight set like last weeks invite, your call)

Until tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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