Diet-Culture Dropout Day 13

Happy Day 13,

I would like to share a little something with you today as I only just got round to watching it yesterday and feel like this is the kind of stuff that we need to hear in a world filled with diet culture.

Now, they aren’t talking DIRECTLY about diet culture but I feel that everything they touch upon is connected to the same BS that tries to sell us the narrative that we need to be what others expect from us and especially for women, that usually just means THIN and quiet.

The majority of my learning has come form books, podcasts, stuff like this and finally just sitting down and looking at the ways in which I think or have acted and realising I have been complicit in all of it.

Valuing my appearance and body weight over my health, then as a result of that belief putting that narrative onto other women and judging them because it makes me feel better.

Realising I dislike a female celebrity for simply no other reason than I’ve believed what the media has spouted about her and I’ve eaten it right up and contributed to internal or loud and proud misogyny- slut shaming and body shaming other women.

Completely unaware that I was doing exactly as the patriarchy and powers that be wanted me to do, betraying and playing a part in further oppression of MY OWN FUCKING SEX. Of MYSELF, all because I didn’t stop for a second to question why I thought what I thought.

I just took it and ran with it and the more and more ignorant I was to it the easier it was to roll my eyes at my friends who spoke of feminism and the patriarchy and OF COURSE…

The easier it was to subscribe to and get trapped in the impossible diet culture cycle that held me prisoner whilst convinced me I was the honourable one, reducing my worth down to my body and slowly but surely chipping away at my soul every time I still didn’t feel good enough.

Causing me to take it out on those around me and perpetuate more toxic and damaging rhetoric.

It makes me sad to think of the part I have played in guilt and shaming the women in my life (unintentionally) when I didn’t know any better but I’m not wasting any more time on that, the longer I spend dwelling the longer I’m distracted from what really matters.

Damage control and helping as many people as I can see and hear the messages I wish I had heard SO LONG AGO.

So without further ado.

Today I would like to invite you to watch this episode of Jada Smith’s Red Table Talk with Jameela Jamil as the guest.

I love Jada and I also now love Jameela ad listen to her AMAZING podcast i_weigh(which I strongly recommend as it is all about the things we weigh as human beings aside from lbs on a fucking scale!)

Jameela is a favorite of the media to bully and attempt to break down because she’s helping women wake up from all of this bullshit too and the patriarchy DON’T LIKE THAT.

Its interesting for me because I listen to her podcasts as I work and even my partner will walk past and scoff at the stuff he hears, and I used to feel embarrassed and agree with him.

Now I realise it’s his internalised conditioning too and he’s a product of that, he’s a good man but he still couldn’t help himself get angry at hearing a women HIGHLIGHT these things and stand up for themselves- his automatic response was to call her “annoying” and say he can’t stand her voice…

I don’t feel angry anymore, I’m curious…because I was the exact same only now I HEAR HER and will not longer feel shame for waking up.

I now listen with pride and if anyone scoffs I try to discuss with them why? Because usually it’s their inner misogynist getting defensive and just like past me, they may want to break that shit down to!

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear what you take away from it.

TRIGGER WARNING: They discuss suicide, sexual assault and eating disorders.

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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