Diet-Culture Dropout Day 14

Good morning DC Dropouts,

Happy Wednesday!

You know the drill today, it’s movement day and I INVITE you to move in a way that feel good for YOU today… however I’d also want to hit you with a few reminders because I know how scarily easy it is to forget these things and slip back into old patterns of thinking.

REMINDER 1- All movement matters, not just diet-culture “approved” movement, so even if you get out for a walk or tidy the house today, go ahead and take it, you moved!

REMINDER 2- Moving your body regularly is important but what’s s MOST important is that you ENJOY it!

These invitations are just that, INVITES… and I want them to act as a gentle suggestion/reminder to prompt you to get into the habit of thinking about your movement, as a form of self-care not self-punishment.

REMINDER 3- OWN your self-care and listen to your body instead of allowing anyone else to guilt you into moving for the wrong reasons.

Try to see opting out as a win too, you know what’s best for you and THAT is what I’m here to cheerlead, not just the things we’ve been conditioned to think are worthy of praise.

REMINDER 4- Ask yourself why you’re moving each time and be honest with yourself- it is because you WANT to or because you feel like you HAVE to?

Noticing the difference, acknowledging it and calling yourself out matters.

Forgetting and struggling with these is ok, it’s human, so even if you have to say that you’re struggling out loud do so. I guarantee you it will help.

See ya tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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