Diet-Culture Dropout Day 17

Happy Friday Diet Culture Dropout,

I would like to share a little snippet of a little something I purchased last week with you…

A page form an ebook written by the women behind one of my favourite “Body Acceptance” Instagram pages Alex Light.

It’s called How to Improve Your Body Imageand is 13 pages of anti diet goodness which cost me £4.99.

Here’s a little preview of the contents and first page so that you can have a little sneak to see if it’s something you too may be interested in purchasing, as a way to nourish your own knowledge and mindset towards your body image as well as supporting Alex, who has helped so many as well as me on their journey to self acceptance.

(Here’s the link to the ebook if interested- )

If not I invite you to give her a follow for all of the free and valuable content she offers on a daily basis at @Alexlight_ldn because it’s important to curate our social media feeds accordingly when we’re trying to care for ourself ANTI-DIET STYLE.

With dropping out of diet culture comes the good and not so good days and people like Alex make sure we don’t feel alone whilst on our rollercoaster ride to acceptance.

Until tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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