Diet-Culture Dropout Day 20

Hello DCD’s (Diet-Culture Dropouts),

Today I want to start touching on and dismantling food myths, born by none other than our favourite f***ing fraudster….DIET-CULTURE! 🙂

Instead of flooding you with them all in one go, I’ve decided to spread them out over the next few weeks. SO…let’s jump in with the first one, one that I would say is one of the most common.

*Carbs are bad for you*

Fake news. False. Wrong. Behave. No. STOP!

Carbs are awesome, they break down into glucose which is our main source of energy, especially for fuelling brain function.

Hence why not eating enough/starving ourselves of carbs forces our brain to resort to utilizing other sources instead – ketones.

You may have heard of these little guys before as they are harnessed a lot within the weight loss industry and dressed up as some of the fad diet faves- also known as “The Ketogenic Diet”, “Cambridge Diet” etc etc… These low carb, low calorie, ketosis based and unsustainable fads usually result in the quick shedding of water retention (aka the illusion of fat loss) OR unhealthy rapid weight loss (regained again as soon as the inevitable and completely natural biological urge to eat for survival resumes).

The problem is that ketones do not provide as effective metabolism for energy as glucose and therefore results in a non-optimal functioning brain, leaving you feeling tired, grumpy and sluggish.

It’s no wonder dieters struggle to maintain the madness and “fall off the waggon”, their body is literally just trying to regain happiness, doing whatever it needs in order to get you to listen to it.

Yet the f*cked up thing is that THEY’RE the ones left feeling like the failure. Instead of realising the restrictive diet is the problem, they’re instead left feeling deflated, disheartened and primed for putting their trust into yet another fad in search for that quick fix again…and the cycle repeats.

It’s not fun, it’s not fair and it’s not necessary.

We NEED carbs, carbs are good for us, they provide and support our life and growth.

Not only that but they taste bloody great!

Some are less nutrient dense and others are more nutrient dense but as part of a balanced diet, they serve as a legitimate source of energy and enjoyment.

Remember… the aim is balance and if we start neglecting our carb intake, that causes an imbalance.

The weight loss industry has done a smashing job at demonising carbs, honestly it’s almost impressive.

So I completely understand that it’s hard to override your beliefs towards them.

However please know that by arming yourself with this knowledge, you can have confidence in owning your nutrition- making that one less person open to self-doubt the next time a shiny new and repackaged fad flashes up on our news feed.

Starving the flame of oxygen, one DCD at a time!

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

Ps My inbox is open for anyone who would like to discuss.

Ps ps please understand that mechanical eating in order to manipulate your body weight and achieve a physical apperance is not the same as eating for optimal health and wellness and although I am not denying people achieve quick results on these fads, it does not mean it’s good for them, and that is not something I will encourage ever again.

DISCLIAMER- I am speaking in very general terms here and although I have an understanding of nutrition as a result of my personal training qualifications, a life time of personal experience and hours and hours of passion and research, I am not a dietitian or doctor.

Special dietary requirements or medical conditions can obviously complicate things a little.

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