Diet-Culture Dropout Day 22

Good afternoon and Happy Friday,

I hope you had as productive or restful of a day as needed.

At first I felt like my day had just flown by, robbed from me almost but then I remembered that those are the time to focus on what I HAVE done instead of dwelling on all that I could have done, but didn’t.

So here it is an ACTIVE and mindful play by play of my day:

-Slept until I naturally awoke

.-Watched the UFC highlights with Alex.

-Enjoyed my morning coffee whilst admiring the snow.


-Finished the puzzle I’ve been working on all week.

-Had tea and cake for breakfast.

-Face timed loved ones.

-Finally got round to baking the rainbow bagels sent to us as a gift during the week.

-Watched some Westworld Season 3.

-Realised I hadn’t yet sent todays e-mail, so made a cup of tea and here I am.

This is a simple but great way of practicing mindfulness because it’s the perfect example of how our minds can slip into autopilot, however if we sit back and take a proper look, seeing just how much there is to be noticed.

No un-natural spiritual woo woo to get to grips with, no major effort being asked…simply recalling your own day for a minute.

I invite you to do the same, journal it out or reply to this email and tell me everything!

Don’t hold back or worry that I wouldn’t care, I do… because I know how important it is to not only give yourself credit for the big and little achievements and joys of the day, but to remember the power of a day spent resting too.

A Friday of Self-awareness shall we say?

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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