Diet-Culture Dropout Day 23

Happy Sunday DCD,

I hope you’re well today.

I’m feeling low on energy and achey from a lovely no pressure gym workout yesterday, so a little walk with Alex and some rest is enough for me today.

I’m a lot better at being ok with that these days but I couldn’t say the same even just a year ago.

What about you?

Do you honour your energy levels as a whole or do you feel like “exercise” is a totally different department and even if you’re knackered mentally or emotionally, still beat yourself up for not moving more?

If like me you’re feeling low on energy today I invite you to take part in a nice gentle yoga session (this one has been recommended by a fellow DCD Sam):

I plan on treating myself to this before bed and would love to now if anyone ends up joining me 🙂

Until tomorrow x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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