Diet-Culture Dropout Day 26

Happy Sunday DCD! 🙂

Please consider this a REMINDER to move that wonderful body of yours for the scientific proven health benefits and soul happiness!

I really hope that you have been able to shift your mindset towards movement and more importantly owning yours this month (even if just the teeniest weeniest bit).

It’s hard to rewire our thought processes that’s for sure, but once we commit to try, that awareness is sparked forever and helps us on the journey.

Then hopefully patience and acceptance takes care of us on the less understanding days.

Today I would like to invite you you reply to this email with your very own affirmation for the day, in ode to and in respect and love for your incredible and deserved body.

If you’re not feeling very aligned with love towards your body today, thats ok.

Affirm your acknowledgment towards that and know how proud you should be of yourself for finding space to accept that, self-acceptance is not being “good at it” all the time.

My affirmation today is: I love and respect my body for all that she does for me and care for her by resting without guilt when she needs me to.

Have a lovely evening!

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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