Diet-Culture Dropout Day 27

Happy Saturday DCDs!

It’s day 27 and I’m going to bust up another myth with you!

Today we have another classic:

*Fat makes you fat*

Fake news. False. Wrong. Behave. No. STOP!

Fats are an awesome and important part of a balanced diet, fat is good, we NEED fats, they contain twice the amount of energy compared to carbs and protein, crutial for the optimal function of:

Fuelling your brain

Carbs are the preferred source of energy for the brain but there are parts that require fat for efficient function too, which is why restriction of either cannot encourage OPTIMAL brain happiness.

Metabolic rate

A balanced meal that contains fat as well as carbs and protein encourages the digestive system to work at full capacity as it takes longer to break down and convert the food into energy and nutritional value for you.

This process within itself requires energy and plays a huge role in your metabolic rate aka metabolism, so considering that in order to fuel a healthy and optimal metabolism you need to eat and fuel yourself well, how f*cked up is it that diet culture pushes the message that, we need to restrict our calorie intake aka energy aka fuel WHILST at the exact same time they love to use buzz words like “BOOST” your metabolism?! (Confused emoji).

By encouraging you to deprive yourself of foods that are higher in caloric value (fats being the main victim as they’re double), what they’re ACTUALLY doing is setting you up for failure because by lowering your energy intake, your INCREDIBLY CLEVER body reacts accordingly, slowing these processes right down in order to preserve energy and keep you alive.

Putting it simply it effects your metabolism in the opposite way and the less you eat the less your metabolism is stimulated because your body doesn’t hear “we’re on a diet, lets do this” it hears “supplies are scarce, slow down all functions”.

This is why I invite you to see food as NOURISHMENT and for all of the wonderful things it is fuelling for you, especially wonderful energy abundant fat.

Hormone production

As we mentioned above, fat is rich in energy abundant calories so when we include it into a meal we are far likely to reach satiety and fullness quicker than if the meal was imbalanced or lacking in one of the main macronutrients.

This encourages the regulation and production or the hormones needed for telling your brain when you’re hungry and when you’re full, the perfect example being how we may feel satisfied for hours after a substantial balanced meal, only needing to think about food again when hungry again…HOWEVER if we were to snack or eat imbalanced meals throughout the day we may never fully provide our body with what it needs and it is likely to try to keep asking us for it throughout the day, leading to fixation on food.

Also when we eat fat we’re encouraging the production of the hormones associated with breaking down fat which will also help with the bodies natural processed of regulating and breaking down any stored fat in the body.

So if we fear fat and eat a low or fat free diet, the body adjusts once more and stops producing those hormones, essentially training the body to stop burning fat.

Once again how ironic when most of the people choosing to opt for fat free diets, do so in an attempt to “lose weight”.

Sneaky old diet culture strikes again, priming their victims for decreased metabolic rates, suboptimal hormone production AND longterm issues and dependancy on their toxic cycle.

Vitamin absorption

Many vitamins are “fat soluble” meaning they absorb better when dietary fat is available, in order for our bodies to fully absorb and benefit from their goodness.

So if you’re demonising fat and eating lots of fruit veg and salads, with a fat free dressings and yogurts in a attempt for increased health by lower calories, you are most likely cheating yourself out of lots of that nutrients in the meantime.


Remember… the aim is balance and if we start neglecting our fat intake, that causes an imbalance.

Some are less nutrient dense and others are more nutrient dense but as part of a balanced diet, they serve as a legitimate source of energy and enjoyment.

The weight loss industry has done a smashing job at demonising fats, just like carbs.

So I completely understand that it’s hard to override your beliefs towards them.

However please know that by arming yourself with this knowledge, you can have confidence in and OWN your nutrition- making that one less person open to self-doubt the next time a shiny new and repackaged fad flashes up on our news feed. Starving the flame of oxygen, one DCD at a time!

Ps I get a lot of questions and push back when I big up our fabulous fats when someone has been told they have high cholesterol, but please know that despite years of the poor egg yolk being demonised, studies have now caused for this advice to be retracted and it turns out that for most healthy people, dietary cholesterol has a much smaller effect on our blood cholesterol levels as first incorrect conclusions made out and by binning the glorious yolk we are being cheated out of the part of an egg most abundant in nutrients.

In fact eating your wholesome fats as part of a balanced diet, keeping hydrated and nourishingly moving your body actually helps towards decreasing high blood cholesterol levels, as long as it is done as a healthy, gradual and longterm change, not a drastic or dramatic weight loss attempt.

So the next time someone says to you “yeah but that’s high in fat” you can just say “yeah, we NEED fat!

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout

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