Diet-Culture Dropout Day 28

Dropping out of Diet-Culture starts with mindset so today invitation is to ACCEPT the bloody compliment!🥳

We live in a society where bragging feels icky and gross 🥴

But do you ever consider how it’s effecting your self esteem when you deflect or try to humbly talk someone out of handing you a compliment? 💔

Self fulfilling prophisy comes to mind…

Funnily enough my self loving journey began with this very challenge.

To learn how to ACCEPT compliments and welcome them with open arms 🤗 (and mind)

It felt super unnatural and uncomfortable at first but by starting with a simple THANK YOU, I opened the door to something b-e-a-UTIFUL✨

And I want to challenge YOU TOO! 👇🏻

Maybe just start with a day or week of noticing HOW you respond first, gain some awareness of any negative habits/beliefs you have around incoming compliments. 💭

Then COMMIT to making that positive change for yourself ❤️

After all when we start feeling full of ourselves the beauty industry and diet culture looses a victim to prey on.

What’s the last complinment you recieved? I WANNA KNOW 😍

Jordan x


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