Diet-Culture Dropout Day 29

This is a hard one to accept, believe me I know.

But that doesn’t stop it being true.

It may sound dramatic but I literally feel like a different person since I realised this.

Removing that mental barrier allowed me the room to grow into someone with the ability to appreciate and enjoy things in life in a way that I never thought possible before.

Like my life LITERALLY hadn’t fully started until I gave up this obsession and for me, thats scary.

I see things differently, do things differently and I literally live differently now.

I almost want to go and redo things and revisit places from the past that feel only half experienced.

I have no regrets, I would change nothing because it was all part of my learning journey.

But I can sure as hell ask YOU to realise it sooner rather than later.

Don’t allow how your body looks to consume your mental space and miss out on the good stuff in life only possible by fully LIVING it✨

And remember- wanting to be/feel fit and healthy is not the same as wanting to look a certain way. 👀

Today I invite you to reflect back on a time that caring too much on what your body will look like through others eyes stole your joy.

Jordan 🌈


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