Diet-Culture Dropout Day 30

Hello DCDs!

Happy Day 30!

I’ve loved and feel honoured that you’ve allowed me to be your anti-diet Self-Care Coach during this 30 day commitment and I hope that you have benefited in some way or form.

Please always remember that this was NOT a challenge and the invites were sent for you to accept or reject as you saw fit, and that remains the same, return to them if and whenever you need them.

Whatever your Last few months looked like this year I hope you were able to find acceptance within yourself for yourself and that you take that with you into the rest of 2021.

Today I would like to invite you to save a date in your diary to join me in doing one of my favourite guided meditations for GRATITUDE tomorrow morning, as a lovely way to enter into a new day (don’t worry it’s only 10 mins long).

Before I meditate on a morning I like to drink some water, wash my face and brush my teeth so I feel fresh and not groggy, then I open a window so I have fresh air coming into the room.

So if that sounds like a bit of you then I recommend doing it too!

When I found this meditation last year it caught me on a day I really need it and I remember some of the prompts made me feel quite emotional, then when I opened my eyes again at the end, the room looked genuinely different to before hand and I just smiled because at that moment I truly felt and understood the power of mindfulness.

Not every time feels like that however I would love to know how it makes you feel too 🙂

Lastly I would like to thank you for handing your email address over to me, even if Diet-Culture Dropout hasn’t been what you hoped it would be, it means a lot to me that you saw potential value in what it could offer you and I appreciate that more than you know.

This email address will always remain open to you all should you ever find yourself needing it.

One of my biggest hopes is that I have at least planted the seed and began to clear the way for you to see diet culture for what is really is and enabled you to activate a level of awareness to it, that will help to protect your peace of mind going forward.

Diet culture is everywhere and it knows we’re onto it so it has cleverly rebranded and disguised itself behind words like “LIFESTYLE CHANGE” and “NOT A DIET” but all you need to do is ask yourself, is the ultimate message and goal behind this weight loss?

If the answers yes…it’s diet-culture.

As an anti-dieter I know the movement can come across a little harsh when you’re still struggling to sever your subscription with diet culture, but please know I never want anyone to feel bad for wanting to lose weight, it’s not the dieter that we’re angry at, it’s the system behind it.

When all is said and done, you have complete autonomy over what you do with your body, I just wanted to shine a light onto the systems behind it for you because you deserve to know the full truth before you start questioning your worth and making decisions regarding your body.

Your amazingly clever, beautiful, selfless, natural and already enough body.

Thank you for being willing to hear me out.

It’s been a pleasure x

Jordan ❤️✨#dietculturedropout 🌈

Come and fine me over on my Instagram @wheresjordannow for more diet culture dropout goodness.

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