Photo Dump Catch Up – Sopwell House

Ok I’ve made it pretty clear that things are gonna get very Diet-Culture Dropouty around here from on, so to break up the anti-diet passion here’s a joyful interlude for you.

A life catch up photo dump for the next few weeks, since my last catch up was October 2020!

Starting with our dreamy spa break at Sopwell House where we celebrated Alex’s 30th birthday and our friends engagement!


We went wild and stayed in the Mews apartments since it was such a special occasion which was lovely HOWEVER, the price was a little painful considering we didn’t spend that much time in the room so we ordered breakfast room service the next day to get as much of our money’s worth as possible.

Our hot tub unfortunately didn’t have much water in it and the lights to our patio area were broken so we spent the night in our friends hot tub instead and Sopwell refunded us the difference between a regular room and a hot tub room, since we couldn’t make use of it.

Our package included access to the Cotton Mill which was absolutely dreamy and in my opinion…what makes Sopwell so great, I wouldn’t recommend making a trip here if it’s for the original spa area alone.

We finished our stay with their Christmas afternoon tea which was delicious, stunning and refillable!

To check out Sopwell house CLICK HERE!

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