About Me

Why did I start a blog?


I work in an office 9-5 and although I’m quite happy in my job, I’m not IN LOVE with it.

I mean, I know there are things in life I do love…

Health and fitness for a start, these are a HUGE passion of mine- 4 years ago I even did my Level 3 Advanced Personal Training Qualification (which I don’t really use) because although learning and furthering my knowledge got me ticking, actually being a Personal Trainer-working in a gym didn’t light a fire in my belly and that confused me.


Travel, food (healthy or NOT), trying new things and sharing it all on Instagram or Facebook so that others can see and enjoy those things too if they so wish- THAT excites me! It pulls me in, in a way I know means more than “you’re just addicted to social media”.

Searching something on TripAdvisor has suddenly become a thing of the past for me, I’m straight on Instagram if I want to check somewhere out before I go there- so I want to make sure that others like me have quality stuff to go by as well.

But where would I even start if I were to try and make a living out of that?

Lisbon Gardens
Monserrate Palace- Lisbon

People would comment on how I never sit still and go somewhere new every weekend.

I was always getting asked “where are you now?!” then eventually I found myself becoming a bit of a “go to” for those around me.

More and more people would tell me I should do a fitness page, a travel blog or write a book on the best afternoon teas in London.

All of these things sounded great but AGAIN something was missing.

gods own junkyard
Gods Own Junk Yard- Walthamstow
BB Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour- London

I didn’t just want to be the “fitness girl” but I also didn’t feel like me by being “Miss Afternoon Tea” either so I remained feeling stuck, frustrated and lost.

Then it dawned on me- it’s simply being able to be and help others with ALL of those things and not having to put myself into one box.

Knowing I’ve been able to give someone tips on their weight training or diet hacks, yet in the next breath- help a friend who’s…invited her long lost sister down for the weekend pick the best spot to catch up over a weird and wonderful cocktail… feels amazing!

Batworthy- Dartmoor

I started watching vlogs over a year ago and I couldn’t believe the power they had to inspire and motivate me.

I could be 2 weeks deep in an unmotivated slump, not going to the gym, eating badly and procrastinating- but watching just one of my favourite bloggers videos could get me out of bed and packing a gym bag for the next morning!

It could change the way I looked at life that day and by applying the little things I had picked up into my own life, I was able to get myself into a pretty awesome headspace.

Giants Causeway- Belfast

Why now?

Along with all of (the above) confusion about what I wanted, another part of my life was being unfulfilled and under question too and when my relationship of 5 years finally broke down – something had to give.

I was forced to look at my life and ask myself WHAT DO I ACTUALLY WANT?

I suppose when these things happen they have a bitter sweet effect on us. It was shit but also opened up a whole new world of fresh possibility and…I almost felt I had nothing to lose.

The fear that had been holding me back wasn’t enough anymore and “Where’s Jordan Now” was born!

So here you have it!

I’m definitely no blogging expert, I’m still learning but I am so excited to create content I’m passionate about and if you too love:





or if you simply love finding happiness by enjoying all of the little things in LIFE then this is the place for you!

A place for me to pour all of the things that bring me joy in life into a community of likeminded people and hopefully help others in the way that it has (and still does) help me!

If ya fancy joining me on the journey hit follow, join my e-mail list, grab a cuppa something and let’s go!

Jordan OUT


Tower Bridge- London