Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn!

My car’s warning me of a drop in temperature and I can see my breath again, Summer is OFFICIALLY over! Here’s a little reblog! I’m off for a seasonal hot choc! 💛🍁

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I can’t believe how differently I look at autumn and winter these days

IMG_20180923_233309 Royal Crescent- Bath

Just by slowing down and appreciating all of the little things about it, instead of moaning that it’s too dark too early, too cold or depressing (just simply out of habit), has completely changed the game for me 😊

I’m a firm believer in not needing the sun to shine to make you smile and I know that it’s rubbish if you get caught in the rain without your umbrella and wellies, or your fingers are freezing because you forgot your gloves BUT… I have been guilty of complaining for the sake of it too… and I hate that.

It’s not who I want to be and it’s draining to be around.

CHOOSING to be positiveis so refreshing! 🙌

Even during the heatwave we had this summer- I tried not to complain it…

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This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

🌻 Happy Friday 🌻 I didn't plan on posting today but I've found myself feeling pretty anxious lately and it turns out I've heard the same from a few others around me too, so whether it's something in the water or just a coincidence- I thought I'd try and sprinkle a little bit of positivity in case anyone else out there has been feeling in need of some [...]