Halloween at LUSH!

A little trip to Chelmsford LUSH and all of our HALLOWEEN bath dreams have come true! Me and Miya aren't afraid to admit we have a LUSH problem... In fact it's a very enjoyable problem that we have embraced with enthusiasm! It started with a few bath bombs here and there but quickly grew into an uncontrollable hunger to TRY … Continue reading Halloween at LUSH!

Strawberry Picking at Cammas Hall

One last slice of summer (for the road)... Something that needs to be on everyone's summer bucket list is strawberry picking! A few years back we discovered Cammas Hall A fruit farm found in the beautiful countryside of the Hertfordshire/Essex border and the rest is history basically... Every time we've been we've had THE CUTEST day out! … Continue reading Strawberry Picking at Cammas Hall

Weekly Round-Up

Hello and Happy Monday! Or Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (whatever day it is for you as you get round to reading this) Welcome 🙂 Following the warm response to my recent post "Loveliness of Late"...and the fact I really loved putting it together, I've decided to make it a regular thing! Of course I have topics and things I like and … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up

A Day in London (with a 6 Year Old)

A Saturday Well Spent! Ok so let me set the scene real quick... It's around 1pm on a beautiful and sunny Saturday 1st September... So far me and Miya have: -Watched Pocahontas in bed -Set ourselves up with a bacon and egg sandwich -Done a spot of painting & are finally dressed with a whole day … Continue reading A Day in London (with a 6 Year Old)