Just Another Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday

I know I know... WRONG DAY! I am aware that it's Wednesday... I just didn't want to bombard you yesterday having already posted on Monday and Tuesday about my latest YouTube video and all. So HELLO and Happy Wednesday...but today I'll be talking about the day before yesterday! I started my daily blogs on Tuesday last week so [...]

Food for Thought

Because Sharing's Caring ARE YOU SCARED OF CARBS?! Are you passionate or at least intrigued about improving your health and fitness? Are you a diabetic? Do you get confused by the conflicting information floating around in the fitness industry and on the internet?! Or do you simply just love the Irish accent? If you answered [...]

Pink Goodness

Ok, time for a little bit of pink! I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to get the stripey pastel pink straws involved in this one! Any excuse! hehe Now... the smoothie itself was nothing too exciting but as always it was just thrown together with what needed using in the fridge! Ready for it? [...]