Popeye Pancakes

  Because let's be real, who DOESN'T want GREEN pancakes?! So, following my last post "Father's Day Weekend" where I talked about one of my favourite hacks for sneaking greens into my diet when I get bored of chomping veggies, I remembered these bad boys and figured it was the perfect time to share the recipe! For [...]

Fathers Day Weekend

From Fairy Trails to Liquid Spinach (with a sprinkle of unicorn) I'm a big sister (bias comment coming up)... ...to the cutest, kindest and smartest meatball in all the land! My 6-year-old sidekick is a little bucket of happiness and spending time with her fills my soul with infinite goodness. She never tires and always [...]


Thanks for joining me! I'm Jordan, a 27 year old pineapple head- brand new to the blogging scene. This blog is something I've been wanting to do for a while now but...you know how it can be... fighting the whole "self-doubt" thing. Anyway... I currently live in LONDON BABY! Adventuring and tracking down the cutest and quirkiest spots [...]