A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

Have you ever heard of the saying "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"? I LOVE this quote... and the particular Sunday that I'm about to share with you (for me) was THEE perfect example of such a Sunday! If you read my back online post you'll already know that I recently lost all of the photos and … Continue reading A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content


Good Old Good Habits Do you start the new year feeling like you need to "Detox" your entire life? Be a completely different you, get everything back on track and eat nothing but salads because you've been chewed up, fed up, pumped with prosecco, stripped of your awareness of the day or time and then spat out again by Christmas? … Continue reading Blogmas Day 11: GOOD OLD GOOD HABITS

Journal Therapy

" In the Journal I am at Ease" - Anaïs Nin One of #thelittlethings I've added into my daily routine is trying to make a habit of putting aside 10-15 minutes to journal. Inspired by her self care book HAPPY, I not only moved onto read CALM but also got myself the HAPPY Journal by Fearne Cotton and all three of them have genuinely done something … Continue reading Journal Therapy