7 Year Old Plans My Meals for a Day!

Eating What Miya Tells Me To! Helloooo and Happy Tuesday Do you ever find yourself eyeing up your kids/younger siblings/friends children's food, secretly envious? Yeah I though so... ME TOO! Chicken dippers, cheese and tomato pizza...even a simple ham sandwich with a bag of crisps! After years of doing my best at being a health … Continue reading 7 Year Old Plans My Meals for a Day!

Pimp Your Yoghurt

7 Yoghurt Bowl Ideas Following on from my post- 5 GREEK YOGHURT HACKS, I thought I'd provide you with some yoghurt pimping inspo- ideal for breakfast, a snack or even as dessert! Now, I could easily have some blog-tastic fun with this and design 7 fancy yogurt bowls, go shopping especially for it and produce some instagrammable show stopping content... BUT...I'm not. Because let's … Continue reading Pimp Your Yoghurt