Lady Dr(IN)king Red

Happy Saturday I didn't plan to post to the smoothie rainbow today but after making myself a lunch full of goodness following an afternoon tea earlier this morning, my smoothie turned out to be such a beautiful and yummy deep red that HERE I AM! Shock horror nothing special, just... -Frozen Raspberries -Frozen Bluberries & [...]

Food for Thought

Because Sharing's Caring ARE YOU SCARED OF CARBS?! Are you passionate or at least intrigued about improving your health and fitness? Are you a diabetic? Do you get confused by the conflicting information floating around in the fitness industry and on the internet?! Or do you simply just love the Irish accent? If you answered [...]

Liquid Happiness

I'm adding another colour to the smoothie rainbow! & this time with a little bit of YELLOW I recently got back on track with my fitness and have really started craving smoothies straight from the gym! Especially after intense weight training sessions... my muscles are just so depleted of glycogen that no matter how much [...]

5 Greek Yoghurt HACKS!

5 Greek Yoghurt HACKS!

If you're lucky enough to be a lover of Greek Yoghurts naturally sour taste, then you are one lucky Mother Funker! Because NOT! You'll always find it somewhere in most recommended food plans... It's... Low in sugar High in protein Full of good fats (there are fat free options available of course but I'm a full [...]

Pink Goodness

Ok, time for a little bit of pink! I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to get the stripey pastel pink straws involved in this one! Any excuse! hehe Now... the smoothie itself was nothing too exciting but as always it was just thrown together with what needed using in the fridge! Ready for it? [...]

Don’t Judge a Smoothie by it’s Colour

"Don't Judge a Smoothie by it's Colour"- Naked YESSSSSSSSSS! I bloody love a smoothie! Grabbing randomness from the fridge and turning it into something is just so satisfying! The randomness that went into the above smoothie/my breakfast that morning was... The last 4 or 5 questionable strawberries. The remains of a packet of frozen blueberries. A handful [...]

Popeye Pancakes

  Because let's be real, who DOESN'T want GREEN pancakes?! So, following my last post "Father's Day Weekend" where I talked about one of my favourite hacks for sneaking greens into my diet when I get bored of chomping veggies, I remembered these bad boys and figured it was the perfect time to share the recipe! For [...]

Fathers Day Weekend

From Fairy Trails to Liquid Spinach (with a sprinkle of unicorn) I'm a big sister (bias comment coming up)... the cutest, kindest and smartest meatball in all the land! My 6-year-old sidekick is a little bucket of happiness and spending time with her fills my soul with infinite goodness. She never tires and always [...]