Using up the Christmas Leftovers Unless you're from or know someone from the Northeast, you've probably never heard of panacalty before... EVERY time I mention it to someone, it always ends the same way... with the same old blank stare and me left partying alone. The word panacalty itself just transports me to a happy place and … Continue reading Blogmas Day 10: PANACALTY RECIPE

Scary Smartie Spider Cookies

Halloween Cookies The super simple recipe we followed was... -220g of butter -100g of caster sugar -270g of plain flour & that's it! Basically I stole a recipe form BBC Good Food and roughly followed it- adding a bag of "Scary Smarties" (but I'd add some extra chocolate chips next time) THEN, we... -Softened the butter … Continue reading Scary Smartie Spider Cookies

Don’t Judge a Smoothie by it’s Colour

"Don't Judge a Smoothie by it's Colour"- Naked YESSSSSSSSSS! I bloody love a smoothie! Grabbing randomness from the fridge and turning it into something is just so satisfying! The randomness that went into the above smoothie/my breakfast that morning was... The last 4 or 5 questionable strawberries. The remains of a packet of frozen blueberries. A handful … Continue reading Don’t Judge a Smoothie by it’s Colour