A Weekend on the Slopes

Hello Andorra! Rewinding back to February 2016, I found myself (a total ski virgin) in the most colourful coat I'd ever owned and on a plane heading to the snowy mountains of Andorra la Vella for a week long holiday of winter sports with friends. Being a pretty active person already, I hoped to naturally take to skiing … Continue reading A Weekend on the Slopes


Good Old Good Habits Do you start the new year feeling like you need to "Detox" your entire life? Be a completely different you, get everything back on track and eat nothing but salads because you've been chewed up, fed up, pumped with prosecco, stripped of your awareness of the day or time and then spat out again by Christmas? … Continue reading Blogmas Day 11: GOOD OLD GOOD HABITS


Starting the Year Right January 1st! The ultimate FIRST DAY of whatever you've promise yourself you'll do, start or stop. Maybe it's to join the gym and start eating healthy, maybe the first day of your new vegan life or even day one without a cigarette... You might even pull a complete 360 on all that stuff and just force yourself … Continue reading Blogmas Day 9: STARTING THE YEAR RIGHT

Blogmas Day 8: HAPPY NEW YEAR

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And just like that- another year over! I know every year, everyone says it...but this year... I REALLY mean it- I cannot believe how quickly 2018 whizzed by. It honestly feels like only last month I was at the beginning of another new diary with a whole new year to play with... Like I've literally blinked … Continue reading Blogmas Day 8: HAPPY NEW YEAR